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lights headed towards the highrise towards foster city, moving at the limit. elsewhere slow north 101, third to peninsula might ab issue. drive times now up and over the altamont still looking good, heavy out of antioch, a street to loveridge, carquinez bridge to maze east shore freeway just about 20 minutes. >>> 6:02. that love the sound of this, giants are world series -- gotta love the sound of this giants are world series winners after sweeping in detroit. kira klapper begins our live team coverage in the mission district. >> reporter: certainly the morning after here on mission street. crowds thousands of fans were crowding mission street hours ago i'll step aside so you can see the aftermath. a little destruction, trash piles, charred, still in the mid the street commuters having to go around it. the piles were bigger garbage instructions and street sweeping vehicles have been through the last few hours. it is not as bad as it was. let's show you this incredible youtube video. at mission and 22nd it was police vs. part at the scene of a big bonfire, two rows of riot gear stood a
are looking at a 2.5-foot wave on the island of maui, and back home, closer to home, crescent city had 1.5 feet at 2:14 this morning and arena cove, 1 espn 3 feet at is 11:37 last night. the advisory continues for extreme northern california. closer to home we are look for calm conditions again. a little fog around half moon bay this morning. temperatures mainly in the tuesday to 60 as you head on out. once again this afternoon we will see numbers in the low 60s to the 80s. and a pleasant evening before the sun sets. we are looking at cooler weather eventually lead to go rain next week. i'll tell you how much and when to expect the change coming up later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. the giants one win away from taking their second world series in the past three seasons. that could happen tonight in game four. last night it was greg plan who had the hit to but the lead up 2-0. they are the first world series team to pitch consecutive shutouts since the 1966 baltimore orioles did it to the dodgers. layer beil has all the highlights coming up in sports in about 20 minutes. tonight's game i
york city now you see that crane that is still dangling the storm made landfall with 95 mile an hour winds and you see it there blew part of that crane over it is dangling above the street and police have blocked off the area below. now more than 12 hours later strong rain, wind, even snow continuing to pound the eastern seaboard death toll has climbed to 18, including 8-year-old boy killed when a tree fell on his home. 7 1/2 million people in the dark. for a second day in a row the new york stock exchange is closed this is the first time the exchange has closed for two consecutive days, due to weather since 1888. the development overnight from breezy point section in queens in new york, massive six-alarm fire destroyed between 80 and 100 homes, almost double what was first reported. 200 firefighters responded to the scene in the middle of the flooding, there are reports minor injuries. no word on the cause of this massive fire or how the flood waters impacted the response for firefighters. >>> sandy has shutdown new york city's transit system the authority said the subway has never
-- carquinez strait and delta, 10° warmer today, 78 in the city, 90 concord, 86 san jose. >>> so far, so good. problem by the -- san mateo east of the highrise the direction headlights are coming, i don't see much slowing i see activity with some sort of emergency vehicle headed westbound we'll follow this potential problem on the san mateo bridge. elsewhere west 580 before eden canyon stall blocking a lane southbound 880 near 16th, stall blocking there as well. >>> target is offering price-matching for upcoming holiday shopping season. it will match prices from several competing sites, including amazon, best buy, toys "r" us and "babies r us" the announcement comes after best buy and toys "r" us say they plan on price matching an -- as well. >>> crime rates in los angeles this past weekend the lowness months the police chief says the journey of the endeavour may have played a role, one million watched the shuttle as it crept along a 12 mile course from l.a.x. to the science center the chief says the it may have contributed to the calm times that fell obvious the city. >>> your voice, your vo
and black everywhere in the city by the bay. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. before we get to the giants let's talk about the fantastic weather. here's lisa argen. >> good morning, terry. we are talking about the last weekend in october feeling more like summer because temperatures continue to warm under a ridge of high pressure. a live look outside from our roof camera. it's a beautiful start with clear conditions. maybe a patch or two of fog at the coast. and temperatures range from about 49 to 57. so we are warmer this morning and by this afternoon we will be in the mid-60s from half moon bay to about 80 today in concord. so plenty of 70s around the bay and by the evening hours still quite pleasant with lower 70s to the mid-60s. the forecast is going to last for the entirety of the weekend, but then subtle changes monday. we have rain back in the forecast just in time for the trick-or-treaters. terry. >> thanks very much. >> the giants face the tigers, game three of the world series tonight. this time in detroit. giants leading this series two games to none. giants fans may have the c
the heaviest rain has been throughout the morning from san mateo to san carlos redwood city into palo alto, watch out around edgewood drive, university avenue, oak grove avenue, ray road, right off the dumbarton bridge into east palo alto heavier rain this is slowly taking over south bay 237 starting to get wet it going to keep heading into san jose over the next hour. sooner you can leave in san jose, the better. everybody else if you can wait a little the roads will be more passable as we head deeper into the commute. today low to mid 60s increasing sunshine. here's sue with all those accidents. >>> speaking of san jose, live shot of highway 87 northbound past hp pavillion you can see traffic flowing nicely northbound right now no problems there. mike just mentioned rain at the bay bridge, you can barely see the cars headed to the toll plaza, rain affecting our cameras at the bay bridge toll, high winds there as well. bart still experiencing 10 to 15 minute delays san francisco station out towards pittsburg bay point two trains now have those delays everyone else is on time. muni and cal
crews on the scene. once you get past that the bridge is looking good towards foster city. second "sig alert" on the peninsula north 101 willow menlo park four cars involved two right lanes blocked crews on scene you can see from our abc7 waze app traffic bumper-to-bumper from before university. if you would like to get around this 280 is the best way using this free appf0[ [ download it since today is 49er game day you can use it for this afternoon as well. >>> more about the game in a little while. right now breaking news one person died early this morning after a fire broke out inside a home castro valley. the fire broke out 12:15 a.m. inside a house on san carlos avenue it took a half hour to put the fire out they discovered a body in the home. detectives have joined the probe after it appeared to have been suspicious. they are considering this a homicide investigation. the coroner will determine if the victim died because of the fire or due to some other cause. >>> later this morning attorneys will present closing arguments in the case of an east bay woman accuse
. >>> they are cleaning up this morning arm oakland city hall after protesters went on a vandalism spree. they broke windows and damaged cars from 14th and telegraph at 6:00 last night. the targets included city hall, police recruiting station, several banks and other businesses. plus, cars parked along the street. police say they were outnumbered and were not prepared to move in and make arrests without outside help. demonstrators dispersed before help could be brought in. amy hollyfield is there now and will bring a live report in 30 minutes. >>> san francisco police say many of the protesters arrested saturday after violent stretch march are members of an anarchist gang. 20 arrests were made. police say they were assaulted with projectiles, including bags of rocks, mixed with paint. >>> protesters are planning a march and rally at san francisco's civic center when president obama appears at a fundraiser this evening the president is expected to arrive this afternoon at the inter-continental hotel. traffic restrictions in place near the hotel on fit and howard streets and civic auditorium. the pre
folks headed into the city many patchy fog bay bridge thick fog carquinez, same story with the richmond san rafael bridge most of the bridges with the exception of san mateo bridge experiencing fog. if you are headed out now drive times over the altamont pass highway 4 westbound and east shore commute into the bay bridge. >>> this morning, contra costa county deputies trying to figure out what led to a deadly double shooting that left a man and woman dead it happened in -- between pittsburg and antioch deputies arrived to find the man already dead and woman suffering from gunshot wounds paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she died. no word on their relationship or possible motive for the shootings. amy hollyfield is live at the sheriff's department and she will be live at 6:30. >>> 49er fan recovering from serious injuries after getting stabbed near candlestick park yesterday before the game investigators say two men approached a 27-year-old elk man headed to the game that lead to a verbal confrontation. one of the men stabbed the man in the torso and the neck. police arrested t
to warm afternoon today, 73 in the city, upper 70s in oakland, mid 80s livermore and we're talking about the offshore flow getting underway tonight critical fire weather gutsy north northeast winds 90s inland mid 70s at our coasts tomorrow. >>>:10. online retailer amazon says it needs to hire 50,000 workers for the upcoming holiday season the company says the temporary positions will be added to fulfillment closest to the bay area in patterson hoping to open that next year. amazon says the jobs could turn into fulltime for many after the holidays. >>> yahoo's new keefe operating officer sunny -- chief operating officer, has hired google executive. meyer and he work together at google. meyer is back on-the-job. the ceo returned to work yesterday after giving birth to a baby bay on september 30th, just about two weeks ago. she is already back after two weeks. >>> 6:10. dog food treat now being recalled because of salmonella concerns >> snack attack, the school that is trying to take away flaming hot chee-tos from students. >>> picking a household cleaner can be overwhelming. michael finney
on all of that. and occupy demonstrators return to city hall but this time they give themselves a deadline. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. let's start with a first quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> emeryville, temperatures in the 50s. the clouds are north from napa to sonoma and the numbers in the low 50s there. upper 50s elsewhere and the forecast this morning calls for temperatures to stay on the cool side under partly cloudy skies. by the afternoon once again it will be mild with low to mid-60s in the city. you head east, though, and numbers will climb to the 70s and a few high clouds from time to time, but not many. we are featuring a lot of sunshine. the weather system that's been spinning up the clouds remains offshore. it is going to get closer, but it has been delayed. we still have a few raindrops to talk about. terry. >> all right, lisa. thanks very much. san francisco's annual fleet week celebration will wrap-up today with huge crowds expected to enjoy another airshow by the blue angels and people will double up when the columbus day para
is furious. blaming city hall for botching the occupy protests and making officers the scapegoats. >> these officers never asked to be put on the front lines of occupy oakland multiple times. city leaders failed through their indecisiveness when it came to dealing with occupy. >> oakland is coming up on the one year deadline to investigate the complaints and the officers could be facing some hearings and arbitrations and the union is promising to defend them vigorously. in oakland, john alston, abc7 news. >> right now in hollister police are in a standoff with a person connected to a missing mother. 25-year-old heather carroll hasn't been seen since wednesday morning when she dropped her son off at school. her car was found burning. that was south of hollister thursday morning. police went to her house to interview a man about carol and it erupted into a standoff and a s.w.a.t. team was sent from the santa clara county sheriff's office. we will bring you updays as new information becomes available this morning. >>> a couple whose crime spree started with a jailbreak is expected to
to sway the nfl into letting the city host a super bowl in the not-too-distant future you are. also new details about friday night's boat rescue in san francisco bay. the oner of the boat tells abc7 news just what happened. >> if theyydo reopen this pool, i betcha a lot of kids will be very, very happy. >> and the kids fight to rebuild a dirt-filled pool in >> we are learning more about what happened on a party boat that ran aground and began sinking friday night in san francisco bay. 22 people had to be rescued after the accident near alcatraz. abc7 news reporter nick smith caught up with the owner of the boat. >> reporter: take a look at this video just obtained by abc7 news. these hair-raising moments captured at 22 people had to be rescued from a dining boat in the san francisco bay. they were enjoying a bachelor party when their boat hit rocks near alcatraz island and immediately started taking on water and sinking. >> the gear was working great, in my opinion the crew was in tip-top shape. >> melissa and her family started the business, wine tasting on the bay, in march. >> we wer
be the toughest spot the embarcadero. city officials are going to throw a new factor in the sidewalk is going to be packed with pedestrians, where to put the bicyclists? they are going to try shutting down a lane on the embarcadero and remember is it just for bicyclists between bay and washington. they believe that's the safest way to go. it is going to make things worse for cars. the message is, do not bring your car to the embarcadero. everyone is coming to watch this. there they are the blue angels. they will be taking to the skies to perform saturday and sunday around 3:00. the elite flight team says it loves flying in san francisco as much as we love watching. huge crowds come out for them. they are not the only game in town this weekend. there will be -- they will be sharing the stage below on the water, the america's cup semi finals sailing competition will be going on expected to attract huge crowds especially at marina green. the races will be at 4:00 today and tomorrow. then 2:00 on sunday. of course, don't forget the giants they have a playoff game saturday. here's a look at where
, very light sprinkles. 12/100 at mountain view overnight. 1/100 officially at redwood city tweets said it was coming didn't heavily during the evening hours. half moon bay barely on the edge of this system as it moves away from you to the northwest at 35 miles per hour. looks like we are going to keep a stray chance of a shower in the forecast at the coast mainly cloudy around the bay. chance of stray shower especially south during the 4:00 to 7:00 hour. inland stray shower possible mainly down to the south especially around the diablo range mount hamilton. coast stray shower quieter noon showers return by 4:00 through 7:00. >>> good morning. luckily, looks like the roads are dry this morning. as i stand in front of the bay bridge toll you can see metering lights just turned on westbound past t.i. motorcycle down, accident there slow approaching the tunnel and island. southbound golden gate bridge looking good, fog-free dry roads out of the waldo tunnel no delays here earlier roadwork picked up. north 101 past old oakland had an accident on the right shoulder little slowing past the sc
to find alternate routes, like rick. he lives in hayward and works in a hotel in foster city on saturday. his usual commute is measured in minutes. >> get there in 17 minutes and now it will take, i don't know, an hour or more? i don't know. we will see how it goes. >> this woman runs the go-bot games. >> the games again saturday. she made sure her contestants and audience new of the closure. we are hoping everyone will take that into account. caltran asked everyone to plan routes using alternate bridges to travel this weekend. this map shows you the routes you should use when the san mateo bridge is closed. highway 237, the dumbarton bridge and the bay bridge a word to the wise, if you are headed to the giants game at&t park this sunday, make sure you use one of those alternate routes because the san mateo bridge, of course, will be closed. in hayward, abc7 news. >>> for more help navigating around the closer, download our exclusive abc7 waze traffic app. you can do that a >>> the giants are home after dominating game five of the national league championship series la
into the city to take part with the high profile events. along with the blue angels, you have the america cup world series along the embarcadero, the hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park. the giants have playoff games at 6:30. both tonight and tomorrow the castro street fair, the italian heritage parade tomorrow. abc7 news reporter cornell is live this morning on how to get where you want to go. that's good information. >> who says there's in the enough to do in san francisco, right, teary? so many events, so many people. as you see, we are live here on the marina green, soon-to-be the center of it all for events like america cup's yacht racing. here you see the event tents already set up. and fleet week action with the blue angels. of course, it will all mean gridlock on the roads where there will be lane closers on the embark dear row. and don't forget the hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park. thousands of people expected to go in as well. some say they are feeling lucky, they will bring the car into the city. others will let muni do the driving. >> we
bridge, getting more crowded in that westbound direction as you head towards foster city and san mateo and taillights toward the high-rise, eastbound looking good toward the hayward area. san jose, before fremont avenue first reports of an accident car slamming into center divide there. good news in the watsonville area, an earlier injury accident with overturn car has been cleared and traffic is getting fine now. >> eric: new this morning, real estate website zilla is allowing users to find out which homes are headed into foreclosure. this they launched it yesterday wluig users to find out their neighbors have defaulted and whether a house has been taken by by a lender. previously they could find out how much homes are worth. critics call it it could embarrass the homeowners but they are saying trance parents. >> apple is taking pre-orders of the mini. one version is sold out. initial supplies of the white model, you can still order one but it won't be available for two weeks. it will hit stores next friday. ipad mini starts at $329. meanwhile, microsoft ipad rival goes on sale today.
, grab the jacket it will be sunny, numbers in the low 60s in the city upper 60s oakland, 74 palo alto, 79 in livermore today, gilroy 74. and we are looking at the numbers to feel more like autumn today the warmest day of the next seven numbers cooling further into tomorrow the first portion of the workweek blue angels and america's cup with a good breeze along the bay. >>> still ahead, building catches on fire and a family is trapped inside. the new video showing their daring escape from their third story apartment to get away. >>> first, moving is going green. michael finney takes a look at the new business letting customers make packing eco-friendly. >>> 12 after 6:00 looking at a live picture of the bay bridge there's some trouble there in the east bay in morning there i was bart maintenance vehicle got stuck on the tracks there in oakland. it is now cleared. but the residual affects continue. we are hearing bart delays of about 40, 45 minutes in the east bay keep in mind as you go through your commute if you want to call the boss say you will be a little late, we'll back you up th
, san francisco's planning commission has ok'd a plan that would change the city's skyline. panel gave final approval to build the transbay center tower over 1,000 foot skyscraper will be the tallest building on the west coast will stan 61 stories, built on the site of the former transbay terminal. new center is being built there and slated to open to the public in 2017. >>> flying can sometimes be a rough experience for passengers. but it has never been safer. new recommendation out today from safety experts say it is hard to justify imposing costly new rules on the economically fragile industry because of its safety record it has been more than three years since the last deadly domestic crash longest period without a fatal accident since commercial aviation expanded after world war ii >>> boy scouts of america coming under fire newly released perversion files that show a widespread cover-up. >>> growing wildfire in lake county. >>> new war planned against bedbugs. how >>> good morning. firefighters in lake county counting on calmer overnight weather to help them gain ground on a 300
fee. city leaders say the goal is to get -- eliminate plastic bag use. if you forget your bags stores will have either paper or compostable plastic. again it will cost you 10 cents each. >> if people want a paper bag, 10 cents, hopefully it is not too big of a deal for them. >> reporter: some say it could add up over time. five years ago san francisco led the nation by banning plastic bags at major have markets and pharmacies. today it joins 49 other cities by levying this bag fee. next year the -- ordinance will get stricter when restaurants and bakeries will be included in the ban. sue thompson, abc7 news. >>> new this morning, 84-year-old woman being investigated for possible drunk driving after her car hit a head near the uc berkeley campus last night. a man in his 20s was hit in the crosswalk. reportedly in critical condition this morning. the driver was arrested on dui charges. >>> coast guard searching for two fishermen who went missing after their boat capsized. this happened yesterday before noon. you can see in this video from sky 7 hd, 18 foot boat washed up on the rocks. t
papers on the harborside health center calling it a marijuana super store. the city's suit claims the justice department knew about harborside for years and exceeded legal deadline for taking action. hearing scheduled november 1st. >>> thunderstorms out of here all together. traffic and weather, next. you can see the embarcadero looks clear, mike will have your full forecast. we check in with sue hall in the traffic center. >>> new this morning, could it be a housing rebound? new numbers just released showing a better market in california an >>> welcome back. 6:10. watch radar returns pull off into the ocean and nothing showing up right now. still damp, still humid out there that's going to be lingering once the sun breaks free of the clouds could see a stray shower this afternoon. temperatures mainly 60s fairfield, antioch, clear lake, cloverdale we could have 70s. next three days, today, tomorrow, saturday still a stray shower possible by sunday starts to get back to average no threat of rain in the forecast. >>> good morning. hot spot this morning marinwood area out of novato l
pipeline fueling the flames and a bunch of smaller fires and cleanup continues in new york city and across the eastern seaboard. >> mark greenblatt joins us from lower manhattan with the latest on conditions there. >> reporter: good morning. here in lower manhattan power remains out, in a few signs that life is beginning to get back to normal there have been people all morning taking pictures in less than 15 minutes mayor bloomberg is going to be ringing the opening bell on the floor of the new york stock exchange as trading resumes. it was another night of no lights and no power for thousands in the big apple, still no clear idea of when power will be restored. new york city, which shutdown its entire mass transit system, will spend the next several days pumping out flooded tunnels, hoping to get everything moving again in breezy point, new york a beach front community of firemen, policemen and blue collar workers are still taking stock of not only the damage but from a fire that destroyed as many as 100 homes. >> nothing i could really identify except for the kitchen tile and the bathroo
/3 in the largest cities during the third quarter of the year. the numbers show most of the nation's housing markets are past the worst of the crisis. stockton still claims the nation's highest rate even there foreclosures are down 21%. >>> despite reason labor troubles american airlines says it needs to hire thousands of new pilots for a planned expansion of international flights to countries like ireland, purview rue, south korea and germany, dark peru, south korea and germany. american is currently in bankruptcy protection. the cap wants to grow on its own rather than merge with another airline. >>> facebook stock restrictions lifting today. >>> booster seat safety is now easier. >>> caffeine volt, -- caffeine >>> check out san jose, drier than a few minutes ago radar returns becoming less and less in the south bay where been the best on live doppler throughout the morning hours. just enough to keep the streets slick for the morning commute. we'll talk about a warming trend in a minute. first more news. >>> 6:14. bay area is about to get new millionaires. restrictions lifting today for facebook e
in the city. pg&e tells us only 111 customers are still in the dark. the cause of the outage has not been determined. >>> uniform supply company in concord will be cleaning up after fire ripped through the business last night the fire isn't up a huge column of smoke firefighters managed to keep it from getting inside the company building. the damage was kept to a pile of laundry outside the bidding. there were no injuries. >>> this morning grief counselors will be on the campus of albany middle school following apparent suicide of a popular teacher. students gathered last night to remember james izumizaki. he was arrested last week accused of having a sexual relationship with a student under the age of 14. albany police say he was found dead inside a car yesterday. terry mcsweeney will have more, coming up. >>> this afternoon, san francisco man expected to enter a plea on charges of kidnapping a 9-year-old girl from parkside elementary in san mateo. prosecutors charged 25-year-old bradley mrozek with kidnapping and child low less . he groped the girl in a school bathroom, covered her mout
of the board of supervisors. they will vote on whether he should lose his job. katie marzullo is live at city hall. the charge is official misconduct. >> reporter: that's right that was the finding of the ethics commission. the board of supervisors does have the final word that word should come today, meeting beginning 2:00 this afternoon. superintendent advisers have been going over findings of the ethics commission since september. that is when the commission found mirkarimi guiltive misconduct. after he pleaded guilty to one count of false imprisonment. that was after the new year's eve fight with his wife eliana lopez. at the time, lopez let a neighbor videotape a bruise on her arm but now is saying she stands by her husband and this is all a misunderstanding. mayor lee asked mirkarimi to resign back then he refused and the mayor suspended him that brings us to today. today the ethics commission will give an overview of its findings. then mayor lee and mirkarimi will each have 20 minutes then the mayor gets a five minute rebuttal. finally potentially unlimited public comment but superviso
in the north part of the city to find a man had been shot he died a few minutes later. neighborhood described as industrial. crime scene tape in place and part of rogers avenue still closed to traffic. police are not releasing any information on the victim this is the city's 37th homicide of the year. >>> large stash of ammunition inside in burning home proved to be a challenge for firefighters. the fire broke out on carlton avenue shortly before 4:00 this morning. two people were inside, a husband and wife they got out on their own they were taken to the hospital with burn injuries. >> live look at the scene now, the charred remains of that home, fire is out. katie marzullo spoke to neighbors who say they saw and heard ammo shooting from the house. katie will be joining us in the next half hour. >>> we are continuing to follow the space shuttle endeavour this morning as it makes its final trip through the streets of southern california we said streets here's a live lack from los angeles overnight the shuttle started complicated and slow move from l.a.x. to the california science center, a di
bridge towards hayward and union city towards belmont, foster city, half moon bay under the banner there is highway 92, that's where you are going to see heavier rain. alameda and tiburon still north bay getting heavier of the rain foothill boulevard definitely heavier rain there also some of the scattered showers falling in the east bay valleys right now, one shower through san jose maybe a little bit of mist out there. we'll have a wet commute, just about everywhere, the steady rain will hang out through probably noon maybe a little gracious maybe over by 10:00 want to make sure cold front doesn't slow down moving into the south bay during the morning hours rain turns to showers by 4:00, scattered showers by 7:00. this unsettled pattern will produce more showers for tomorrow, into wednesday and storm track starts to move north thursday. a lot of accidents sue is following. >>> i have really good news. this earlier accident west 580 at harrison cleared. we had flooding earlier at 980 and 88 thee is apparently dissipated. -- and 880, that is apparently dissipated beginning to move
san francisco, the happiness there, big orange happiness over the city now because we are going to the world series. mike will have your full forecast, sue will have traffic. >>> big week for facebook. two milestones facing the company that can seriously impact its stock price. >>> southern sections of santa clara valley, gilroy monterey road pacheco pass 25 that whole area getting wet now slowly moving south as we speak showers that in the santa cruz mountains falling apart as they head towards morgan hill definitely in a drying trend now. through the day, partly sunny, isolated shower possible. better chances tonight and tomorrow. that in a forecast coming up. first more traffic. >>> if you are headed out southbound golden gate bridge looking good out of marin county, chp updating earlier stall southbound through old macarthur tunnel towards 19th and park presidio blocking right lane not backing up. westbound dumbarton bridge highrise stall right lane slow then picks up towards menlo park southbound 101 marsh accident no significant slowing past that scene. >>> facebook set to
hayward, roadwork at foster city boulevard towards the flat section of the span. westbound towards foster city starting to get a little sluggish towards the highrise no major delay, 15 minute drive from the east bay to the peninsula. a lot of activities this weekend, bart running extra trace, muni extra service, -- take mass transit this weekend, right now everybody is on time. >>> new morning, berkeley firefighters are watching over a fire that destroy a duplex and forced five out of their homes. here's a live picture that fire erupted after midnight in the rear of a townhouse. police officers who were the first on the scene went into the bidding and rescued a woman in a wheelchair. nearby residents were also evacuated. firefighters managed to keep the blaze confined to the house, no injuries and no word on what caused the fire. amy hollyfield will have more in a live report, in next half hour. >>> new, a's could be getting ready to stay in oakland for the next five years. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the coliseum with the deal. >> reporter: i'm here at the coliseum w
.3 earth quake struck along the san andreas fault by king city. it happened just before midnight. no reports of damage, no reports of injuries, but the quake was felt from the central coast to the nevada boarder and as far north as san jose. at least four aftershocks have occurred this morning. largest magnitude 3.7 at around 12 do 37 this morning. >>> an alert by the principal of piedmont high school has raised concerns among parents. in a letter sent last week the principal said his staff found a so-called fantasy slut league among students. our reporter has the details. >> on a saturday afternoon women's soccer event we talk to parents about the letter sent out by the principal, rick. in the letter he describes a fantasy slut league in which the female students, unbeknownst to most of them, are drafted as part of the league. males earn points by documenting ebb gauge meant in sexual activities with female students. >> according to the letter, staff learned about it at a talk about date rape prevention. an investigation was launched on campus and they learned it has been going
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